Newgen has deep concern for the safety of every user. We take all precautionary measures to prevent frauds from misusing the registered user’s profile. We intend to provide each customer with a safe place where they can search for life partner. In addition to laying out strict parameters of using content and information on the website, we also carry out careful assessment and profiling of individual details before granting them authorized account on the website. Our website has in place abuse-prevention and reporting set up that will help users to deal with unauthorized third parties.   

Security tips to keep in mind 

There are several Dos and Don’ts that we would like you to follow as a user 

  • It’s advisable not to share personal information until you are able to trust the person who has expressed an interest in you. 
  • Watch out for any aberration or odd behavior in persons who may have put up a façade of credibility
  • Keep a look out for those who ask unnecessary questions or pass lewd remarks 
  • Do not share you pictures with strangers, especially not with unregistered users visiting the website